Steps to Effective Communication poster

Tuesday, 29.04.2014, at 12:00, Value Plus Association in partnership with the University of “George Bacovia” from Bacau invites you to the personal development conference entitled “Steps to Effective Communication” with Marian Pădureţ – founder of Value Plus.

Have you ever had a time when you spoke one thing and others understood something else? Or have you ever found yourself talking without being understood?
If you identify with the situations above then this conference will be of great benefit as we will learn together how to communicate effectively.

At the conference Mr. Marian will present the following aspects of effective communication:

1. Interpersonal communication vs. Facebook – 15 min.
2. Communication practical exercise “Tell me what to say” – 30 min.
3. Foundations of effective communication – 15 min.
4. Practical steps to improve your communication starting from tomorrow – 10 minutes.
5. Feedback – 5 min.

The conference duration will be an hour and 15 minutes and will take place at the University of “George Bacovia”, room A1.

The conference is open for all those who want to improve their communication skills in a practical way.

Attendance is free and the conference will be in sustained in the Romanian language.

This conference has ended.

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