Daniel-Marian Pădureț
Daniel-Marian PădurețCEO Valoare Plus
Driven by a real passion for today’s people and young people who are facing a lack of positive lifestyle. So through all that I am trying to influence and help people to discover the value and destiny that God has put in each of us.
Valeriu Costea
Valeriu CosteaPsychologist & Counselor
Passionate about people and personal development; parent-child relationships, husband-wife … all that means a human relationship. I wanted and I always knew I was called to help people find their way in life, to get out of the labyrinth of personal problems by discovering the meaning of life and their destiny. Each of us can overcome our limitations and be the people to inspire others to. The problem is not the problem, but the way we see the problem we are facing.
Daniel Abortulesei
Daniel AbortuleseiTrainer Stay Free Project
If one thing is certain, everything is happening with a purpose. I started to get involved with Valoare Plus Association as a volunteer. Seeing the impact of the human exhibition I was attending, I wanted to be a trainer in this project. I think it will be a challenge and also an achievement of the Stay Free 2.0 project implementation.
Ryan Howell
Ryan HowellKey member & Motivational Speaker
Founding and graduate member of the Masters degree at the Harvard Divinity School. He currently lives in Boston, America and is a prominent speaker in the US and Europe.
Estera Pădureț
Estera PădurețResources coordinator
Florina Fabian
Florina FabianTrainer Stay Free
When I was a little girl, I was asked, “What are you going to do when you grow up?” My answer was: “I want to realize important things with my life that will have a strong impact on the community and society in general, and when I’ll look back, I can do it proudly.”
As time went on, I found that if I wanted to do this, I had to act from the bottom up, so I decided to be part of this active and involved project / team.

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