Friday, March 25, all young people who were interested to sit face to face with the man who was the Foreign Minister of Romania in 2012-2014, Titus Corlăţean, but more than that, a man of rich life experience, could take part in the conference “character in public relations”, which approached but much more constructive topics.

For a few hours we had the confession worthy of respect, I listened to life stories, and histories of people with character, decisions that have changed or could change the fate of the world.

That means to have character, you know to keep yourself in position, even when all around you have already succumbed. Having character means to be an example of steadfastness, dignity and integrity, values to be enshrined.

The minutes have passed unnoticed, however, each of us took a dose of courage with which to feed momentum toward lofty goals.

Initiate discussion, then followed a session of questions and answers, which we fully interconnected. Mr. Corlăţean questions, some born of disappointment, locked gates or grains of hope, stood on the lips of young people have the same concerns, and aspirations

The conference aims to open new horizons glorious and maybe everything starts from somewhere, from a call from a story.

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