The Mission of Value Plus

“Our mision is to influence, mentor and help people to discover their value, potential and destiny in life”

The main objectives of the Association Value Plus are:
1. To promote educational and social actions, moral values ​​among children and young people from dysfunctional families or families with material problems;
2. To organize meetings and seminars in order to attract public attention to the risk posed by the lack of values ​​among the young generation;
3. Establish a center for social integration to provide counseling and support to people in difficulty in order you give them back to the society as responsible citizens;
4. To promote fair play and team spirit through sport activities;
5. Provide access and support for children from disadvantaged families to quality education;
6. Establish relationships with other associations and foundations that have the same purpose and to work in partnership to achieve the purpose.

This is a summary of what we do:

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